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Posted: 9:21 a.m. Thursday, April 5, 2012

Does Steven Tyler Have a Stylist?!  

By Kaedy Kiely

Did you see American Idol last night?  I don't know why I get a big kick out of watching the judges walk out on stage, but I just love seeing what they're wearing.  Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson's outfits usually elicit a smile -- sometimes a balk like, "Is he REALLY wearing that?"  Jennifer Lopez is almost always dressed beautifully, though she has a loser every once in while (usually involving shorts, AND her make-up person needs to chill on white glow make-up around her eyes.)  But last night, Tyler outdid himself.  My TiVo literally did a double-take!  What on earth was he thinking (or was he?) His white and PINK striped pants were so tight I literally thought I was seeing things.  Along with the pink flowered-y shirt and the navy sequined scarf, I finally asked myself,"Does Tyler dress himself, or does someone actually pick this cr#@ out for him?!"  Ok, so we're searching for a picture to add to this blog so you can see for yourself if you didn't watch the show tonight, but it's hard to get access to all things Idol.  Check it out tonight when they show the recap from last night, if you missed it. 

Kaedy Kiely

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