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The reason for giving what the chance of a thunderstorm is, but the chance can change so check for updates through the day and throughout the week.

Not all that's scattered is equal

Thunderstorms...isolated scattered smothered or covered?

I’d like to buy the world diabetes? Health advocates remake classic Coke ad

An iconic ad for Coca-Cola is being used to persuade people to limit their soda consumption. The Center for Science in the Public Interest produced a 2-minute video featuring Denver-area residents who say they are suffering health consequences from drinking soda. CSPI is a nutrition, food safety and health advocacy group who lobbies ...

Say goodbye to these foods in the grocery store

The FDA announced it will remove artificial trans fat from the U.S. food supply

Hit and miss "popcorn" thunderstorms in summer heat and humidity are random and chaotic, different every hour and every day. Forecasts valid only about 4 hours at a time.

How summer weather works in the south

A guest blog about how summer weather and forecasts work here.

Read This Stones Review!

There are lots of reasons I love my buddy Melissa Ruggieri - among them, her talent for painting a picture with her wonderful writing. Check out this review from last night's show...

All You Need to Know About Stones Tonight!

My good friend Melissa Ruggieri from has posted all the details about parking, opening act, times, even set list here!

New Music from Led Zeppelin – Sugar Mama

Led Zeppelin are opening their vaults for a final time next month, when they put out deluxe reissues of their final three albums. One of the most curious, interesting finds among newly unearthed bonus tracks is “Sugar Mama,” a thumping, upbeat blues rave-up that finds Robert Plant wailing the title ...

Umbrella only needs to be on standby, available but not carried MOST days in summer.

Don't ask

Stop asking weather people exactly when it will rain at your house, a guest blog post.

Study: Troops' brains age prematurely from exposure to explosions

A new study this week shows Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans are dealing with yet another "invisible wound" aging brains.  At least 30,000 U.S. troops needed medical treatment after improvised explosive device, or IED, blasts. A new study suggests thousands more could have an unseen injury from those explosions. Veterans Affairs researchers ...

Line Up For Fox block Party!

Thought you'd appreciate seeing the schedule of the FREE block party entertainment this Sunday at Peachtree and Ponce! * * * * * MEDIA ALERT * * * * * Fox Theatre Announces Music Lineup for the Fox Theatre Block Party, a FREE Atlanta Celebration on Sunday, June 7 Peachtree ...

Bill would require airports to designate space for breastfeeding

For parents, traveling can be tough. Carrying bags, tickets, and trying to keep your children occupied, the whole trip can be stressful. But there’s an added stress for mothers of infants: Am I going to be able to feed my child? “Is my baby going to eat today? Are we ...

NOAA hurricane season outlook 2015.

Hurricane season outlook: quiet not always good

Forecasters generally agree tropical storms will be fewer this season than long-term average, but it only takes one.

FDA ban on trans fat expected soon

Any day now, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to ban trans fat from foods. Take a stroll down the baking aisle and you'll find icing, pie crusts, and other items still containing an ingredient  health experts say is not safe: trans fat. “Clogs the arteries, it leads to heart attacks,” ...

Washington debates whether soft drink tax could curb Americans' addition to sugar

Proposed new dietary guidelines coming out this year suggest taxing soda and other sugary drinks to encourage Americans to be healthier. The idea is that fewer people will drink the sugar products if they're more expensive. “We know that excessive consumption of soda causes, or is a risk factor, for diabetes, obesity, ...

Jamstec model summer temperature anomaly forecast.

Summer long-range weather outlook

"The summer wind, came blowin' in..." The summer outlook.

Why John McCain brought a photo of giant catfish to the Senate floor

U.S. senators love bringing props to the Senate floor. Remember Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe throwing a snowball on the floor to mock climate change? Today Arizona Sen. John McCain used a photo of a giant catfish to help make his point, blasting a $14 million catfish promotion office in the ...

Model probability of +ENSO conditions in primary central Pacific region from IRI over various 3-month periods.

El Nino Advisory

El Nino that started in winter continues and forecast to strengthen.

Poison Pills: Illegal pharmacies escape prosecution

Ali Schroer's fight against illegal online pharmacies began in 2007, a year she seemed to have symptoms of a disease without actually having a disease. There were intense headaches. There were stomach pains so severe she eventually underwent a colonoscopy. Doctors had no diagnosis to offer. Schroer was an allergy ...

Steven Tyler goes COUNTRY

Steven Tyler isn’t the first rocker to give country a try, but on “Love Is Your Name,” he becomes the first to work along the genre’s edges. The folky debut single from the Aerosmith singer’s upcoming album is a what one imagines the sonic progeny of a Lady Antebellum and ...

Two popular baby food makers are facing a lawsuit if they don’t change their food labels

Nonprofit food watchdog, The Center for Science in the Public Interest said the makers of Gerber and Plum Organics foods are misleading consumers by emphasizing trendy ingredients, like kale and quinoa, on the front of packages.“But these products contain very little of these expensive, nutritious ingredients that you think you’re feeding ...

20 items