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Now you can get Facebook on your TV

If you just can’t get enough of Facebook, now you can get the popular social media platform’s new video app for your TV.

Samsung Electronics announced Monday that a new TV app is available on Samsung Smart TVs, including the 2017 QLED TV lineup.

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According to the company press release, the app will be available on all of Samsung’s 2015, 2016 and 2017 Smart TV models.

“It is a pleasure to bring the world’s social network to Samsung Smart TV users, as well as continue to see the value of Samsung Smart TV, as a platform, growing,” said Sangsook Han, vice president of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, in today’s news release. “We will continue in our innovation on various fronts, including technologies and partnerships, to make sure our consumers can enjoy a wider variety of services.”

Users will be able to view content shared by the pages they follow, their Facebook friends and Facebook’s top-streamed Live videos.

According to The Verge, Facebook also previously announced its new TV app would be coming to both Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, but no launch dates have been set.

Read Samsung’s full press release.

Instagram's new feature allows multi-photo uploads at once

Instagram users will no longer have to face the tough decision of finding the one perfect photo to upload to the social media platform.

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The popular photo sharing app just added galleries to its features, allowing users to share as many as 10 photos or videos in a swipe-able gallery.

When you add multiple photos & videos to a post, it's easy to decide how you want it to look. You can even rearrange before you share!— Instagram (@instagram) February 22, 2017

According to an Instagram news release, users will be able to either use a filter on the entire set at once or edit each image individually.

However, users will only be able to write one caption for the set upload and each image has to be a square.

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To upload a gallery, click on the blue dots icon below the first image or video to add a new one. To change the order, just tap and hold.

The new feature will be available for iOS and Android users over the next few weeks.

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Classic Barbie gets a 21st century makeover into Hologram Barbie

Mattel has unveiled its newest version of the classic Barbie doll, only it’s not really a doll. It’s a holographic image of a Barbie in a box.

The toymaker showed off the new virtual doll, Hello Barbie Hologram, at the annual Toy Fair in New York over the weekend.

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The new 21st century virtual Barbie is like a Siri or Alexa, only for kids.

The Barbie hologram exists inside a plastic container, CNN reported. It’s voice-activated, can answer questions, and can change its appearance, including skin tone and clothing.

This hologram Barbie sits in a box on a nightstand like a fairy, waiting on your child's commands— CNET (@CNET) February 17, 2017

The virtual doll talks, dances and is programmable. It connects to the internet and will also operate through Bluetooth

It’s expected to hit store shelves next fall for under $300.

Amazon lowers minimum amount for free shipping back to $35

Amazon has decreased the minimum amount for users to qualify for free shipping.

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The Verge reported that a year after the company raised the minimum amount to $49, it has now moved the point back to $35.

The offer does not apply to Amazon Prime account holders, who have free two-day shipping for any order under Amazon's Prime membership program, but instead is a benefit for Amazon users who do not pay $99 a year or $10.99 a month for Prime.

USA Today reported that the move comes after Walmart announced its free two-day shipping would be available on 2 million items, with the minimum amount to qualify for free shipping being lowered from $50 to $35.

Taxi drones ready for takeoff in Dubai this summer

Passenger drones may be just the fix for gridlocked roads in major cities around the world, especially in U.S. cities like Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles to name just a few.

Plans are underway in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to begin using taxi drones sometime this summer, the Associated Press reported.

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Built by a the Chinese company EHang, the EHang 184 MegaDrone, as it’s officially called, is billed as “the world’s first self-flying commercial taxi car.

The single-person drones have a top speed of 100 mph and a 31-mile range, with a weight limit of 220 pounds, according to EHang.

The drone is directed through the use of a touch screen, so a rider simply enters in a destination on a tablet inside the drone and away they go.

EHang, which is asking for clearance to operate in the U.S., said it expects the taxi drones to begin operations in China in the next couple months.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

OkCupid's new matchmaking questions tackle Trump, politics

Looking for love in today's tense political climate? OkCupid may be able to help.

According to Engadget, the online dating service has added 50 more questions that users can answer to improve their matches. 

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"You’ll see a brand-new category of questions that cover topical issues, so you can focus in on the things – whether politics or sex – that are most important to you," the company said Tuesday in a press release. "We’ll update this new question category every year. The initial 2017 release includes 50 of-the-moment questions, covering everything from ghosting to (President Donald) Trump, from climate change to student debt – the things you want to know a person’s stance on before you meet them."

Engadget reported that the new questions include "Is climate change real?" and "Trump?"

OkCupid also announced its new "DoubleTake" feature, which allows mobile users to see more than just a photo when quickly swiping through possible matches. 

>> Watch the video here

<iframe width="390" height="219" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

"DoubleTake shows more photos and highlights each person’s personality and profile within a mobile matching interface," the company said. "The new DoubleTake helps convey your individuality  –  whether that means showcasing a love for politics, craft beer, dogs, the outdoors or art  –  so you can connect with people you’ll actually click with in real life."

Additionally, OkCupid said it will "debut a fresh new look featuring fun, lively illustrations" by Berlin-based artist Jay Daniel Wright, as well as "new typography and a bolder, cleaner aesthetic."

Read more here or here.

Nokia could release classic 3310 handset

Forget the next iPhone or Android, Nokia could be developing something even more advanced than the latest gadgets.

The classic Nokia 3310 non-smartphone could be making a comeback.

The durable phone, that didn't include a camera, advanced web browser or Snapchat may be hitting the market again.

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The phone that dates back to the dark ages of technology, the year 2000, is considered one of the most durable cellphones, Independent reported

It is scheduled to be debuted at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a tech gathering scheduled for Feb. 27 to March 2.

The Nokia 3310 is expected to retail for about $62, Independent reported.

The company, which is now owned by Microsoft, will also be releasing more current phones like the Nokia 3, 5 and 6, which expected to be smartphones but at a lower price than other popular brands.

One man may be on the cutting edge of retro electronics. He claims he is still using his original Nokia from 17 years ago.

Dave Mitchell said he bought his phone in 2000. It has traveled the world with him, including military tours of Afghanistan, Iraq and Germany, the Mirror reported. He told the paper that he has dropped, thrown, stood on and even washed his phone and it still works, giving him four signal bars.

 Mitchell said he gets teased for not adapting to current technology. But he says he tries not to be too cocky when someone's smartphone has a cracked screen.

The only complaint Mitchell has concerning his phone isn't the device at all, but rather his bill. He says he has to pay for data that he can't use, the Mirror reported

Man sues Uber for $45M after app's glitch leads to divorce

An Uber app glitch is being blamed for ruining a marriage after it revealed that a woman's husband was cheating.

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A French businessman is suing Uber for $45 million, claiming that the app led to his divorce.

The glitch, which appears to affect only iPhone users, allows account and location information to be revealed without requiring a password.  

The man said he once used the Uber app on his wife's phone, and after that she was able to track his location and receive notifications, which revealed that he was not being faithful.

The couple has since divorced, according to French media reports. The man wants Uber to pay damages.

Child predators use popular app to go virtually undetected

An app that's widely available and free for download has caught the attention of federal investigators.

The app “Yellow” is known as "Tinder for kids," and critics said it's a playground for child predators. It works through SnapChat and markets itself as a way to make new friends, but there is virtually nothing stopping a child predator from using the app and pretending to be a teenager to meet other teens.  

"When I looked at it, I realized it's just another ploy for these child predators to get onto to become friends with my son," said Heidi Pritchard, a mother who caught her 15-year-old son trying to download Yellow.  

"When I first told him about the dangers I got the eye roll. But once he read the stories, he realized it can be scary," Pritchard said.

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FBI agents in the Pittsburgh office said predators are using apps more than ever.   

When you sign up for a new account in the Yellow app, it asks for your birth date, including the year. There's nothing in the step to prevent an adult or a predator from creating a fake birth date, and saying they're 13, 14, 15 or 16, then immediately getting matched up with teenagers to chat or exchange pictures.  

"Some of these guys with a little bit of cyber background can extract data from these pictures and actually get the geographical location of where the picture was taken," said FBI Agent John Orlando.  

The app reports having 7 million users and is very popular overseas. In the United Kingdom, one of the largest child advocacy groups is demanding Yellow create an age verification system.   

In Western Pennsylvania, school officials said battles against apps like Yellow are never-ending.  

"There's no parent or educator or a decent person in their right mind who would think that's a good idea. But developers will do it as long as there's a market," said Aaron Skirbin, principal at South Fayette.  

Skirbin said the best way to protect children is by giving them information.  

"Education has to start before high school. Education has to start the moment a parent chooses to put a device in a kid’s hand," he said.  

Pritchard has Apple's "Family Share Plan,” which means when one of her children tries to download an app -- whether it's free or paid -- she gets a notification and has to approve it.  

"I don't want my kids to be afraid of the world, but I want them to know that there are scary situations out there," Pritchard said.

Must watch: Charging laptop bursts into flames

Update: Dell has announced the results of its investigation into the fire. Officials with the company said that the battery in the laptop was not made by Dell and was not an authentic Dell battery. Company officials warn that using "incompatible, counterfeit or third-party batteries may increase the risk of a safety related incident."

Dell advises to buy replacement batteries only from the equipment's manufacturer. For more on selecting a new Dell battery, click here.

It also reminds consumers to look for the UL mark from Underwriters Laboratories on the battery.

Original story: A laptop that was charging on a couch burst into flames, and it's all caught on camera.

Surveillance video that was recorded last month in a Thousand Oaks, California, home shows a Dell laptop catch fire, KNBC reported.

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But it didn't happen just once. The family claimed it happened four times.

Devon Johnson told KNBC that he plugged it in to charge and a few hours later, smoke poured from the side of the laptop before the fire was seen.

It burned a hole in the sofa and destroyed the computer.

After Devon put out the flames, his friend unplugged it and put it on a table. It caught fire again. Devon blew out the flames, and after another three minutes, flames were seen again. That time the teens used a fire extinguisher to put it out.

As he got closer, flames shot out again, almost hurting Devon. 

Officials said the cause of the fire was due to the laptop's lithium-ion battery, the same that have caused fires in hoverboards, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and other laptops.

Dell recalled 4.1 million laptop batteries in 2006 because of a risk of fire.

Hewlett Packard recalled 101,000 batteries last week.

Dell told KNBC that it is working with the Johnson family to investigate the family's claims. 

How can you protect your device from overheating?

Experts at UCLA tell KNBC:

  • Charge on a hard surface to let heat dissipate
  • Don't charge on beds or sofas
  • Don't overcharge and unplug just before it hits 100%
  • Don't leave laptops plugged in and charging when you're not at home or overnight.
200 items
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