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The Colonial Pipeline makes a miraculous recovery

Colonial Pipeline Petroleum Farm (by R.B.Plagued with a longer than expected outage in mid September, after an undetected spill in Alabama, forced its closure, last Monday's inferno was cause for grave concern.The Colonial Pipeline is North America's most important petroleum pipeline, by far, carrying on two lateral lines, gasoline and diesel/distillates from refinery row along the Gulf of Mexico easterly to supply the lion share of petroleum productsto consumers from Florida to New York and most places in between....

U.S. Gasoline Consumption on Pace to Increase for 6th Straight Year

via Pixabay

American vehicles consumed 71.8 billion gallons of gasoline in the first half of 2016—an increase of 3% over the same period a year earlier. It’s the highest amount on record, and the sixth consecutive increase in national gasoline consumption for the first six months of any year on record.


Surge of aging drivers poses new challenge on the road

Encouraging older loved ones to give up their car keys can be one of the most difficult discussions for families.

With aging baby boomers, data show that those conversations will be happening more frequently in the coming years. By the year 2030, more than 50 million eligible drivers will be over 65.

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The nation's aging driving population brought together the government's top auto-safety experts Thursday in Washington for a meeting by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Advocates and government officials were looking to find the best ways to educate people on the challenges that older drivers face, including understanding if their keys need to be taken away.

"It's a very difficult decision, and a lot of people don't want to make that decision," said Harris Blackwood, of the Georgia governor's Office of Highway Safety. "We want to make sure that those on the road are safe, have cognizant abilities and are not endangering themselves or others."

Blackwood said many states face difficulties in expanding transportation options for non-drivers outside urban areas.

"The big concern is making sure they have an alternative form of transportation, and in Georgia, unfortunately, we don't have (many) intrastate transportation alternatives," Blackwood said. "It's not a Georgia problem, it's an everywhere problem."

Auto group AAA says older drivers are among the safest on the roads. Data shows that they wear seat belts and usually do not speed, but they remain second only to teenagers in the number of fatal crashes each years.

Jonathan Adkins at the governor's Highway Safety Association said intersection crashes are a major issue for older drivers. He said the solution could be found in embracing new technology, including ride-sharing options like Uber and Lyft, or eventually autonomous driving vehicles.

"Driving is freedom, especially for generations in the past," Adkins said. "Technology can provide a lot of the solutions and help us get around and do it safely."

The meeting of auto safety experts was held at the Department of Transportation as part of a discussion on the future of transportation.

New Jersey Gas Tax Hike: Will Your State Be Next?

via ReutersThis article was originally published on FOX Business on November 1, 2016. As New Jersey residents adjust to paying more at the pump thanks to a fat gas tax that kicks in today, drivers in other states are on edge--especially those with bridges and roads badly in need of repair. “Many other states are facing similar issues, but haven’t raised the gas tax in a decade or more,” said Carl Davis, research director at the Institute on Taxation and Economic PolicyOpens a New Window. . “It can be a political challenge.” ...

Packing & Prepping Your Car for Holiday Travel (Brought to You by CarChex)

The holidays? They’re great! The travel? Not so much.

As the season approaches, many of us will be driving to visit family and friends (or simply to get away). And while the holidays themselves are stressful enough, your holiday travel doesn’t’ have to be. Here, we’ve put together some essential tips to make your trip safe and enjoyable. 


Oil's plunge isn't just about OPEC

The sudden drop in crude's price 0f about $6 a barrel over the last week for WTI, isnt just about OPEC not seeming to be able to craft an agreement to reduce member production. While other non OPEC countries arent as eager to join in the cap, Russia continues to outpace its own record production and now leads the world in output.But that aside, many now feel the current pessimism on oil is related to the uncertainty over next Tuesday's U.S. Presidential election....

City Spotlight: Phoenix

We spent some time giving away free gas to the Phoenix community on Wednesday and quickly fell in love with the people, the food, and the heat. Oh the heat….let’s just say we now understand why the city is called Valley of the Sun because this is not the place you want to visit without sunglasses!

Downtown Phoenix [Source: Wiki Commons] ...

New Jersey Gas Tax Hike, The Ultimate Wallet Killer

via FOX BusinessThis article was originally published on FOX Business on October 31, 2016.New Jersey motorists aren’t too happy about the upcoming gas tax hike, but legislation has been signed by Republican Gov. Chris Christie, and it’s a done deal....

#BattleOfTheBrands - Results

Last month, we pitted some of the top convenience stores and gasoline stations against each other on our social media channels and asked YOU, the consumer, to tell us which ones should come out on top. The votes have been tallied across Facebook and Twitter and the results of the Battle of the Brands are below. Let us know if your favorite came out a winner! Sheetz vs. WawaThese two East Coast convenience store chains based in Pennsylvania each have a passionate fanbase. When it came down to it though, Wawa lovers were just a little bit louder, winning 55% of the votes versus Sheetz 45%.Voter comment highlights:Adrian Schoolcraft: “Sheetz has the best food ever!”Chris McClanahan: “Sheetz by a country mile”Deann Werner: “Sheetz. They have the freshest, great-tasting, made-to-order food and drinks!”Shawn Hayes: “Wawa by far. The food is awesome and the gobbler, dear lord, love that sandwich”Mike DeLiberato: “Wawa hands down!!!”Dennis DiPietro: “Wawa - better coffee, subs, and specialty drinks. Makes me feel like home whenever I’m in Florida.”Casey's vs. Kum & GoAs far as Midwestern convenience store chains go, these Iowa-based brands are two of the biggest, sharing territory in eight different states. Size proved to be the deciding factor though, as the larger chain Casey’s took this battle with 66% of the votes, compared to Kum & Go’s 34%.Voter comment highlights:Shaun Thomas: “Casey's... hands down, clean well stocked stores, clean bathrooms, good fresh food like pizza”Jake Guy: “Casey's got that bomb pizza and the discount when you member shop at participating grocery stores is amazing.”Mickey Shay: “Kum and Go for offering E15 and E85”Kris Shank: “Kum & Go - love their food options”Chevron vs. ARCOIn the battle of the California-headquartered gasoline giants on the West Coast, Chevron came out on top with 58% of the votes, but ARCO held its own with 42% preferring its cheap gas.Voter comment highlights:James Ring Jr.: “Chevron! Arco gas seems to never do it for me”Jeff Wu: “Chevron (and Texaco) ftw! I drive a Camry that's 16 years old and Chevron with Techron has always met or exceeded the estimated mpg for my car”Cliff Price: “Definitely Chevron, better mpg's”Noe Arribas: “Of those two, ARCO for sure; it’s also Tier 1 and always at least 10% less than Chevron, even if they only take cash”Jason Scott: “ARCO...Chevron is too expensive”Dario Chingon: “ARCO. I don't mind paying cash to get less expensive gas and better quality gas”What gasoline and convenience store rivalries are we missing? What are some of your favorite brands and why? Tell us in the comments and you may see them in another edition of GasBuddy’s Battle of the Brands....

EIA report shows crude oil inventories skyrocket, but refined products see decline

The Energy Information Administration released its weekly report today on the status of petroleum inventories in the United States.Here are some highlights:CRUDE INVENTORIES:Crude oil inventories increased by 14.4 million barrels (MMbbl) to a total of 482.6 MMbbl. At 482.6 MMbbl, inventories are 31.7 MMbbl above last year (7.0%) and are at the upper limit of the average range for this time of year. Inventories at major delivery point Cushing, OK rose 0.1 MMbbl to a total of 58.5 million barrels. GASOLINE INVENTORIES:Gasoline inventories decreased by 2.2 million barrels to a total of 223.8 MMbbl. At 223.8 MMbbl, inventories are up 8.5 MMbbl, 3.9% higher than a year ago and are well above the upper limit of the average range for this time of year. Here's how individual regions and their gasoline inventory fared last week: East Coast (-1.9 MMbbl); Midwest (-1.8 MMbbl); Gulf Coast (+1.8 MMbbl); Rockies (+0.0 MMbbl); and West Coast (-0.4 MMbbl). It is important to note which regions saw increases/decreases as this information likely drives prices up (in the case of falling inventories), or down (in the case of rising inventories).DISTILLATE (diesel, heating oil) INVENTORIES:Distillate inventories decreased by 1.8 MMbbl to a total of 150.6 MMbbl. At 150.6 MMbbl, inventories are up 9.8 MMbbl, or 7.0% vs. a year ago....

200 items
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