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Recalls ordered for Ford Focus and Transit Connect

Image From .Ford has issued two recalls affecting more than 75,000 vehicles, most of which are registered in the U.S.  The Focus recall impacts 2013-17 Ford Focus hatchback and Ford Focus RS.

This recall stems from a software glitch that allows hatchbacks to unlock and unlatch with one press of the inside latch release. Federal law requires that such doors unlock and unlatch separately, via two distinct actions.

Unfortunately, the unlocking/unlatching can happen even when a vehicle is in motion, which could allow cargo, pets, or anything else to fall out. According to the Car Connection the good news is, it only occurs when cars are traveling at 4 mph or slower. At this time, Ford says that it knows of no accidents or injuries linked to the issue.


GasBuddy Activates Gasoline Availability Tracker as Hurricane Matthew Takes Aim for Southeast

GasBuddy has today activated its Gasoline Availability Tracker for drivers in the path of Hurricane Matthew, which may lead to difficulty finding gasoline or stations with power. The Gasoline Availability Tracker can be accessed via web: or by clicking here.Motorists can also search and report gas availability and power outages at stations via the latest version of the re-designed GasBuddy app available on iOS and Android.

  • To show only stations that have gas, users can filter the amenity to "has fuel."
  • To report stations without fuel, users can edit the stations amenities to toggle off "has fuel."
  • To report stations without power, users can edit the stations amenities to toggle off “has power.”
The Tracker is immediately available for motorists in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Should other states be affected by significant power outages or fuel supply issues, GasBuddy stands ready to expand the tracker to include those areas. Consumers and gas stations in the affected area are urged to update their local gas station information so that those looking for gasoline can find it. ...

EIA shows crude inventories back under 500 million barrels

The Energy Information Administration released its weekly report today on the status of petroleum inventories in the United States.Here are some highlights:CRUDE INVENTORIES:Crude oil inventories decreased by 3.0 million barrels (MMbbl) to a total of 499.7 MMbbl. At 499.7 MMbbl, inventories are 38.7 MMbbl above last year (8.4%) and are well above the upper limit of the average range for this time of year. Inventories at major delivery point Cushing, OK rose 0.6 MMbbl to a total of 62.7 million barrels.GASOLINE INVENTORIES:Gasoline inventories increased by 0.2 million barrels to a total of 227.4 MMbbl. At 227.4 MMbbl, inventories are up 3.5 MMbbl, 1.6% higher than a year ago and are well above the upper limit of the average range for this time of year. Here's how individual regions and their gasoline inventory fared last week: East Coast (+3.5 MMbbl); Midwest (-1.5 MMbbl); Gulf Coast (-1.1 MMbbl); Rockies (+0.0 MMbbl); and West Coast (-0.8 MMbbl). It is important to note which regions saw increases/decreases as this information likely drives prices up (in the case of falling inventories), or down (in the case of rising inventories).DISTILLATE (diesel, heating oil) INVENTORIES:Distillate inventories decreased by 2.4 MMbbl to a total of 160.7 MMbbl. At 160.7 MMbbl, inventories are up 11.6 MMbbl, or 7.8% vs. a year ago....


Fuel plays an important part in most of our lives; it allows us to go places we need to go and places we want to go. From road trips with families, to adventures for the perfect photo, to rescuing pups, check out our GasBuddy staff “Why I Fuel” stories and photos below. Now we want you to share your “Why I Fuel” stories and photos with us! Tag us and use the hashtag: “#WhyIFuel” and you could be featured on our social media channels....

What to do at an intersection when the power goes out

It’s a potentially dangerous situation: The power goes out, traffic signals go dark and drivers are left bewildered at intersections.

This scenario confuses even experienced people who have been driving for decades. Even lifelong Floridians, who should be familiar with power outage scenarios, can be flustered.

Do you stop? Keep driving? What if the signals are off completely — or what if they’re flashing?

Here are a few things to remember — thanks to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles driver license handbook and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — if you find yourself in this position.

>> Read the latest on Hurricane Matthew 

What to do if the traffic signal is off

Treat the intersection as a four-way stop. If you arrive at the same time as another car — or even two other cars — the car farthest to the right goes first.

If four cars approach at the same time, the car that comes to a complete stop first is the first to go, then the car to the right, and so on in a counterclockwise rotation.

This may not always work. In that case, right-of-way goes first to a car traveling straight, then a car turning right, then a car turning left.

>>Photos: Hurricane Matthew

What to do if the traffic signal is flashing

If your signal is flashing yellow, you may proceed through the intersection without stopping. But do so carefully. Keep in mind that other motorists may be confused. Be prepared to stop if necessary.

If your signal is flashing red, you must bring your car to a complete stop before traveling through the intersection.

>>Hurricane Matthew: Live updates

Key tips to keep in mind

NHTSA offers these tips to help you remember who has the right of way:

• First to stop = first to go: The first car to the intersection is the first to travel through.

• Farthest right goes first.

• Traffic going straight goes first.

• When in doubt, bail out: If you are unsure of who should go first, let other traffic move through first until you feel it’s safe to travel through.

Sources: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration; Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles driver license handbook

Stations on the Silver Screen

If art imitates life, then it makes sense why there are so many movie scenes that use gas stations and convenience stores as locations for important parts of movies; millions of people go to these places every day! We found ten of our favorite movie gas station scenes and listed them below. Tell us some of your favorites in the comments.

The Birds (1963)

Image: Gloria Canjin/Wordpress/UniversalHitchcock’s The Birds has one of the most iconic gas station scenes in movie history. A gas attendant gets attacked by a flight of birds, starting a catastrophic chain reaction. Lesson learned: Don’t upset the seagulls....

National Average Rises on OPEC Curb in Production, Hurricane Matthew Heads for U.S.

The national average has risen 1.5 cents per gallon in the last week to $2.22 per gallon under threats from OPEC cutting oil production and as Hurricane Matthew heads for the East Coast, according to price-tracker prices are up for the seventh straight day thanks to several main issues: OPEC's decision last week to cut oil production, which caused oil prices to immediately jump 5%, as well as refinery outages scattered around the country. States seeing the largest weekly increases: Ohio (+ 14 cents), Kentucky (+10 cents), Indiana (+10 cents), Louisiana (+5 cents) and Iowa (+5 cents). Twenty-six states saw average prices rise last week, while 24 saw declines. Decliners were mainly those affected by the restoration of the Colonial Pipeline: Georgia (-4 cents), Delaware (-4 cents), Tennessee (-3 cents), Utah (-3 cents), Maryland (-2 cents) and South Carolina (-2 cents). While the U.S. national average remains below its year ago level, it's not by much: just 7.4 cents lower....

Matthew makes for major mayhem

Hurricane Matthew according to NOAAAt the time of writing, a new formidable hurricane named Matthew is making its way to Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti.with a wind strength that matches two of the strongest Hurricanes ever recorded.What started as only a small disturbance several days ago off the northwest coast of Africa has now taken on the status of a major Hurricane that appears to be posing a significant risk to the U.S eastern seaboard....

OPEC talks about production cut; crude tops $48 per barrel

Image From / Guilhem VellutIt's remarkable how just the suggestion of an OPEC agreement to cap production  can immediately push prices higher but that's what happened this past week after  Wednesday's news on OPEC pushed WTI and Brent about 5% higher Thursday, past $48/bbl and $50/bbl respectively. Also feeling the push were wholesale gasoline prices Thursday morning which rose 10 cents per gallon (compared to the start of the week in the Gulf Coast and New York and 18 cents per gallon in Los Angeles. Bt the noise that rallied oil prices should not be confused with an actual agreement since the quotas that would apply to each participating country will not be known until Nov. 30. ...

An OPEC agreement: The devil is in the details

Photo courtesy of Day DonaldsonIts always refreshing to see perspective resume on any analysis of OPEC meetings, informal or otherwise.The meeting of International Energy Ministers in Algeria this past week wasn't about oil production cuts, but that became its central focus, especially given the month long hype leading up to it.The outcome did not disappoint scribes looking for any signals to send to traders at the ready with their buy and sell buttons at the ready. Indeed at one point in the session on Wednesday, the Iranian delegation was seen leaving the OPEC confab, a sure sign even the slightest agreement on oil quotas had failed. Alas, it was only a washroom break, but this wasnt apparent to all media, who began to signal that the meeting had failed .What happened was a commitment to agree to another meeting at the end of Novemeber whereby by OPEC members, and hopefully non-OPEC producing nations would "consider" trimming aggregate production by 740,000 barrels a day.seeking to "accelerate the ongoing drawdown of the stock overhang and bring rebalancing of oil forward" the group release offered trimming production from 33 m b/d to 32.6 m b/d. The news was greeted enthusiastically by hard pressed OPEC producers and oil scribes who's enthusiasm helped spark a rally on global energy markets that saw crude rise 5% or $2.50 a barrel, bringing gasoline and diesel for the upwards swing.In the two trading days since (including today), there has only been a modest build in energy prices as more serious questions are being asked about the effect such an agreement will have ultimately on the all important need to re-balance oil markets....

200 items
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