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Family decorates house with 'scary' Hillary Clinton-themed Halloween decorations

Brianna Chambers contributed to this story.

With Halloween right around the corner, Americans are busy getting their final preparations and decorations ready.

One New York home found inspiration in the presidential election.

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Facebook user Brian McKibbin uploaded a video on Thursday of a home in Bellmore, New York, that was transformed into a Hillary Clinton-themed "haunted" house. The house is complete with signs calling the Democratic presidential nominee a "liar," a "criminal" and a "traitor," as well as posters that show Clinton caricatured and in prison.

The house also boasts a large "Trump USA" sign and American flags.

Some people called the decorations scary and others jokingly wondered who the residents would vote for.

Video of the home has been viewed more than 2 million times on Facebook.

This house in Bellmore!!!Posted by Brian Mc Kibbin on Thursday, October 20, 2016

Search for missing dog goes from sad to bizarre

The cage door, open. The window screen, knocked out. Tessa, a golden doodle, gone.

The circumstances of the dog’s escape from the vet Friday seemed bizarre to staff until they started their search when things took an even stranger turn.

"To not do any damage to the screen, it just seems odd,” TheraVet Acres manager Dana Browne told WHAM. "We're just broken up about this.”

They believe Tessa got out of her enclosure and pushed the screen out from the open window. They shared the story and her picture on social media hoping someone might have seen her.

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They thought they got a break when an anonymous email through Craigslist appeared. The email said that they saw what looked like Tessa hit by a car along the road and tried to save her, however, she died and they buried her.

When vet staff tried to follow up, making multiple appointments to try and verify the tip, the trail went cold.

The tipster sent a picture of the dog, however when vet staff did a cursory Google search, they discovered it was a stock image titled “sleeping labradoodle puppy.” The tipster then disappeared and did not reply to vet staff emails.

"There is a thing that's out there that people will steal a dog and throw up a smokescreen to make the owners think the dog passed away," said Browne.

The vet has worked with Tessa’s owner and law enforcement, however, there are no more leads to follow.

Ed Turkowski, Tessa’s owner, told WHAM that he does not blame the facility and is thankful for their efforts to try and track her down.

It was the first time a dog had escaped since the facility opened 10 years ago, the vet said. They have since instituted additional safety procedures to ensure another dog does not escape,

"She was in our care, so this is not going to be something that's easy for us to live with," said Browne.

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Slain officer’s colleagues escort daughter to school on 1st day back after dad’s death

Colleagues of a longtime California police officer gunned down in the line of duty earlier this month escorted his 8-year-old daughter to school on her first day back following his death.

More than a dozen officers showed up Monday morning to take Vanessa Vega to school. Vanessa’s father, Jose “Gil” Vega, was one of two Palm Springs officers slain Oct. 8 while responding to a domestic disturbance. The Palm Springs Police Department shared photos on Facebook of the smiling elementary school student greeting the officers.

Several PSPD officers surprised Officer Gil Vega's 8 year old daughter Vanessa by picking her up from home and taking her to school today.Posted by Palm Springs Police Department, CA on Monday, October 24, 2016

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KTLA in Los Angeles reported that Vanessa earned a standing ovation when she spoke at her father’s Oct. 18 memorial service. The girl told stories about how her father taught her to run, but always lost to her when they raced.

She also recalled him teaching her baseball and karate.

Vega, a 63-year-old father of eight, was months away from retirement when he was killed. The other slain officer, 27-year-old Lesley Zerebny, had just returned from maternity leave after giving birth to a daughter.

The suspected gunman, 26-year-old John Hernandez Felix, was taken into custody following a 12-hour standoff with police. The Los Angeles Times reported that Felix, an alleged gang member, was wearing soft body armor and was equipped with multiple high-capacity magazines when he surrendered.

He has been charged with two counts of murder of a police officer and one count of attempted murder of a police officer for a third officer who was injured in the shooting, but survived. 

Mother says toy machine at pizza shop dispensed medication

A mother in New Hampshire said a machine designed to give children a treat was more like a pill dispenser at one pizza shop.

Courtney Jones was with her 7-year-old daughter Allyson when they put a quarter into the toy machine at Rochester House of Pizza Friday night, and received a container of pills.

“I put all three quarters in the first two were toys and then the third one when it first came out I thought it was candy and I didn't let her have it and I said hold on let me look at his and I opened it up and I realized it was medication,” Jones said.

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Police said they are investigating how the pills, which appear to be blood pressure medication, got into the machine.

“There was one capsule and then there was three pills and one of the pills was broken in half,” Jones said.

Jones said her daughter knew not to ingest the pills, but she worries other kids may not know.

“She says I wouldn't want that that's not candy. She's seven she's old enough to know but had she been younger maybe she wouldn't have known,” Jones said.

Rochester House of Pizza owners said an outside company fills the machine, and that company is unsure how the pills turned up. Jones hopes it never happens again.

“I hope that another child doesn't get one of those capsules filled with medication and accidentally eat them,” Jones said.

That machine has been removed from the shop, but Jones said she has been told the supplier of the toys and treats buys them in bulk from out of state.

That's why she's afraid they'll end up somewhere else, too.

WFXT reached out to that supplier Monday night but could not make contact.

No one knows for sure if this photo shows Tom Hanks or Bill Murray

A photo taken in 2013 is regaining attention online as internet users try to figure out whether Tom Hanks or Bill Murray appears in the picture.

He met Bill Murray.Submitted by: Laura R.Location: St. Andrew’s, ScotlandPosted by Reasons My Son Is Crying on Sunday, May 19, 2013

The photo, posted in May 2013, was uploaded by Laura DiMichele-Ross on a Facebook page titled "Reasons My Son Is Crying," which features funny photos of DiMichele-Ross's son and other children crying.

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DiMichele-Ross indicated in the photo's caption that her son met comedian Bill Murray in Scotland, but Facebook users aren't so sure.

"Is that Bill Murray? It looks like Tom Hanks," one man commented.

"Totally thought that was Tom Hanks," a woman wrote.

Dozens of other people believed the man to be Hanks too.

But according to DiMichele-Ross, "It's totally Bill."

"I can vouch cause I'm the one in the photo with the massive grin thinking, 'Oh my god, this is going to be an awesome photo," she wrote.

One commenter may have confirmed that Murray is the celebrity in the photo, noting that Hanks appeared on Broadway in May 2013 while working on "Lucky Guy."

Report: Most pickup trucks have poor headlights

A new report released Tuesday says most late model pickup trucks have poor headlights.

The study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety looked at the way the headlights on 11 pickup trucks performed as they drove straight and on curves.  Seven of the 11 they tested were rated as "poor."

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Researchers say poorly designed headlights on pickup trucks can cause glare or temporarily blind other drivers.

They evaluated how the light illuminated stretches of road and found the Honda Ridgeline was the only pickup to get a “good” rating, while the Chevy Colorado was at the bottom of their list for clear visibility.

The IIHS also factored in truck's high beams, LED lights and reflectors.

The group says automakers are already trying to make headlight improvements.

Earlier this year, they tested midsize cars and SUVs and found most those vehicles had poorly rated headlights as well.

See the full report at this link.

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Pregnant woman carjacked, dog stolen

A pregnant woman who was carjacked in Tacoma this past weekend is pleading for help finding her dog that was stolen along with her SUV.

"I thought he was going to kill me," Ive Elske said.

Ive Elske was in her Hyundai Santa Fe at Dawson's Bar and Grill dropping off her brother about 5:45 p.m Sunday.

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She was parked in the alley when she said a carjacker opened the door and put a gun to her head. Else struggled with the attacker and knocked away the gun.

The carjacker got in her SUV and drove off with Elske's pug mix, Layla, inside. 

Elske is desperate to get her back. She was in the process of moving to her boyfriend’s house and had her SUV full of belongings. 

She recently relocated from Arizona. All Elske is worried about is getting Layla back.

On Monday Elske was getting her cellphone replaced in case someone finds Layla and calls the phone number on her license.

Tacoma police recovered the gun, it was an airsoft. The stolen car is a 2008 Silver Hyundai Santa Fe with an Arizona cancer survivor plate BMW 6510.

If you spot the SUV or the dog, you are asked to contact the Tacoma Police Department.

Sisters under federal investigation after admitting to burying father's body in back yard

Two Lake County sisters are under federal investigation after officials said they were suspected of collecting their dead father's Social Security checks for years.

Deputies said the pair confessed that their father died five years ago, and they panicked and buried him in the back yard of his Eustis home on Parkcrest Drive.

A case file against Susan Kort and Sarah Kort for improper disposal of a deceased body has been sent to the State Attorney’s Office. 

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The body of 94-year-old Merlin Kort was found in a shallow grave in September, officials said.

Many neighbors, including Jamie Osborne, said they were “very shocked.”

Investigators said many relatives had not talked to Kort in a while and were concerned.

"The sisters stated that he moved up north, and that he was staying with relatives," said Fred Jones of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said they later got a tip that Kort's body was buried on the property, which was fenced and covered with trees.

Deputies said they believe Kort’s body had been there between four and five years.

"I never knew he lived back there," said Osborne.

Deputies said the sisters claimed he died of natural causes, but instead of calling to report it "they panicked and they didn't know what to do and so they buried his body in the back yard." 

But no one knew Kort was dead. Mail continued to be delivered to Kort's home, which included his Social Security checks.

The U.S. Inspector General's Office has not returned WFTV’s call for comment.

"Yeah, and to be your father, you don't do that. You just don't treat your father like that," said Osborne.

Deputies said the sisters said Kort had health issues.

Investigators said they did not find anything that leads them to suspect foul play.

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